The Short End of the Stick

Updated on Aug 12, 2010
blue Comme des Garcons jacket - blue random from Hong Kong shirt - blue Forever2
Blue-comme-des-garcons-jacket-blue-random-from-hong-kong-shirt-blue-forever2 Blue-comme-des-garcons-jacket-blue-random-from-hong-kong-shirt-blue-forever2 Blue-comme-des-garcons-jacket-blue-random-from-hong-kong-shirt-blue-forever2 Blue-comme-des-garcons-jacket-blue-random-from-hong-kong-shirt-blue-forever2
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stylenomad 's Thoughts:

There are times when I wonder if I should just suck it up and wear the heels despite having to walk up and down subway stairs during rush hour in 33 degree heat with 98% humidity. It’s probably safe to say that most style photos generally just look better with a pair of heels added- it gives an added sense of presence and authority (and slender legs). Some style blogs rise to stardom with a pair of three inch highs. Girls can be wearing anything but the heels give it some attitude. Take the same outfit with a pair of flats or sandals, and watch the comments go down. So I wonder if any style bloggers out there wear heels only for the photos and kick them off once back inside.

I’m a little bitter because I don’t live in suburbia where I can just slip on a pair of heels, sit in the car and transfer to the designated restaurant (maybe if I move back to Toronto). I’ve wondered, at times, if I should just slip the heels on for the photo which will for sure generate more comments/likes and then get on with life in a pair of flats. But that’s called a magazine and an editorial either of which defeats the purpose of blogs which portray real people and real fashion choices. I’m sorry, but you won’t see much drama from my shoe closet of which 90% are flats. My legs will look chunkier than most style blogs out there and less dramatic of a picture but it’s the only way I can convey the reality that I live in.

But perhaps every girl out there is like every city girl in Seoul- they all have the magic powers to wear three inch heels rain or shine, snow or sleet, to the grocery store downstairs or commuting from one place to another. Perhaps in my own little world, wearing heels is impossible therefore everyone else is the same. Perhaps in their reality wearing heels and walking in them is actually quite easy and effortless. Maybe God gave me height and He gave everyone else heels. Hm.

Anyway that’s my fashion rant for today. June took the featured photos in this random roof ‘garden’, cropping out the apartments behind and dubbing it the Garden of Eden. We went to a 70’s Chinese restaurant after buying some baking supplies and going to SSP for more jewelry stuff. The restaurant had no AC so had to sit real still during dinner (yes in Chinese restaurants we rewash the dishes in tea before using) . I was told off by the cash clerk that I couldn’t take photos inside: maybe they were afraid that if I posted them, the health inspector would pay a visit.

More photos of my day:

Comments (9)

dinesilvestre on October 05
love this outfit. love ur style!
camlee on August 12
Lovely outfit!
maliamazing on August 12
simple chic!
cityofbugs on August 12
i loved reading your rant! you still look so chic without heels though! you have lovely long legs. i love the shirt and shorts!
PeachyPanda on August 12
casual chic
Odette11 on August 12
love your shirt !
angiekje on August 12
cutest shirt, love your jacket and shorts!!
leona_rawr on August 12
i love the jacket! i think really there are girls who have a knack for it and then there are those who have an emergency pair of flats in the background. im definitely the latter. but i'm learning. actually my mom is even wishing i wear heels more often! haha
urbanista911 on August 12
i love it! so chic! i'm fanning btw, :)
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