Card Wallets for Everyone!

Updated on Jul 30, 2008

Comments (10)

bkgurl36 on January 23
love these wallets
Ayaka on October 27
love them!
minhthy on August 08
my picks, comme des garcon and porter!
thesundaybest on August 04
In a perfect world, by which I mean a world where my paycheck ended in five or six zeroes, I would simply pick them all and have one for each a spare for special Sundays. However, as this world is not yet perfect I will say that as much as I love the Paul Smith card wallet, I might have to opt for the Modern Amusement version. One of my favourite labels, and at $37 a veritable steal.
lulu on August 03
My pick is the cdg. Although for Sundaybest, I'd go for the Dior Homme
Wendy on August 01
The zipper wallet is so delicious!
fairysoul806 on July 31
#1 or #8 wallets, in my opinion, should be classic. #2 is nice too.
SteelCloset on July 30
I like the Paul Smith wallet but that price is egregious! Does that envelope wallet fit in a pocket?
cyntastic on July 30
In love with 3 or 8. Probably 8 more! <3
rainelyn on July 30
5, hands down. uhm, 140 is a liiiittle steep though. and i looooove envelope wallets. ive never actually seen a guy with one, though. id be impressed if a guy pulled out a biz card from one.

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