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Updated on May 17, 2015
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Ladies, I know you hear me when I say that finding a great hair iron is hard to come by. What’s even worse is that most of the time, you can’t test them out before purchasing them. Well, I’m here to say that I have an iron that I personally recommend that is pretty much amazing.

I’ve been in the market for a new flat iron since the last one I purchased was a few years ago and is currently on its last limb. Coming across this Irresistible Me Diamond iron has been a huge upgrade from my previous one. The plates of the iron are diamond plated and embedded with the crushed tourmaline mineral which basically means that it helps lock in that natural oil and moisture that your hair has by sealing the cuticle, causing less damage and frizz during use and it even brings out a natural shine in your hair. The iron itself is very lightweight and easy to hold and control which I love because I always end up dropping them. The great part about this iron is that it works equally amazing on all hair types. My mom has normal naturally straight hair and she tried this iron and couldn’t believe how great it made her hair look.

I have naturally curly hair and it’s even curlier and frizzier when I fall asleep on it when it’s wet. I always try to avoid applying heat to it as much as possible since it’s already processed with bleach and any additional heat starts to cause major damage. Typically, I wash my hair at night and go about my nightly routine while my hair air dries or if I’m very tired I will end up sleeping on it before it’s dry. When I go to straighten it in the morning, it’s always such a process that involves using the iron at least three times on the same strands of hair to get the wave out of it. After that, I try to moisturize it with a hair serum or oil (esp on the ends) which I always end up using a ton of because the iron really dries it out. With this iron though, I only had to iron my whole head once, and because it came out so silky and shiny after I only used very minimal product because my hair simply didn’t need it after I straightened it. While using the Irresistible Me Diamond iron, I also noticed that it didn’t pull or snap any strands, it just simply glided over every strand super smoothly and left it feeling healthy and shiny. I’m so so happy I found the Irresistible Me Diamond iron that allows me to cut back on the time I spend doing my hair every morning as well as lessened the damage that I usually cause to my hair.

If you feel inspired to upgrade your styling iron, check out the Irresistible Me site to learn more about the Diamond iron + check out their other great hair products too.

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